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My company uses a Central SSO service for many websites for User Managment/Authentication, so I was wondering if the following scenario would be possible in YAF.NET

if the user has been authenticated by a website on the same domain as YAF.NET I'd do the following:

check if the user already exists in YAF.NET Database,

true -> Call our SSO service -> Log User in

false -> Call our SSO service get user data -> Create User programmatically using the data retrieved and log User in YAF.NET

I couldn't find something in the documentation about user authentication, so I'd appreciate any advice, before I dig deeper into the code.

Thank You
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if you look in login.ascx.cs file you can see how authentication is done which is using the ASP.NET membership provider

if (username.Contains("@") && this.Get<MembershipProvider>().RequiresUniqueEmail)
                // attempt Email Login
                string realUsername = this.Get<MembershipProvider>().GetUserNameByEmail(username);

                if (realUsername.IsSet() && this.Get<MembershipProvider>().ValidateUser(realUsername, password))
                    return realUsername;

            // Standard user name login
            if (this.Get<MembershipProvider>().ValidateUser(username, password))
                return username;

            // display name login...
            if (this.Get<YafBoardSettings>().EnableDisplayName)
                // Display name login
                var id = this.Get<IUserDisplayName>().GetId(username);

                if (id.HasValue)
                    // get the username associated with this id...
                    string realUsername = UserMembershipHelper.GetUserNameFromID(id.Value);

                    // validate again...
                    if (this.Get<MembershipProvider>().ValidateUser(realUsername, password))
                        return realUsername;

            // no valid login -- return null
            return null;

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