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Hello there,
I'm searching some inspiration for how to solve this issue of mine.
I'm trying to run the yaf side by side with some other custom .net cms (it is also precompiled).
Both the cms and yaf is using the standard membership system, thus sharing the database.

But as soon as I put the dll's for the cms on the server, something weird happens.
Somehow the two conflicts with the "profile".

The cms seems to work all as intended, the forum also mostly works, however there are a few things that doesn't work, among other things viewing a post.
It creates an NullReferenceException in DisplayPostFooter_PreRender in the line "this.PostData.UserProfile.Homepage.IsSet()".
So it seems like, if the cms is present; "UserProfile.x" does not exist.

- The database works fine, i have tried running the forum local and clean (without the cms), but with the same database.
- I have tried using the recommended web.config (instead of merging the cms and yaf web.configs) and it gives the same results. So it can't really be an issue with the web.config.
- I have also tried to, and is able to, reproduce the same problem locally as well as on the "real" server, so it also seems server independent.
- I have tried both version 2.1.2 and 2.2.0 of yaf, both with the same result.

So my questions are:
Why/how can these two solutions conflict even though they aren't being used at the same time?
- I mean, they are on the same "web site", but other than that has nothing to do with each other.
And does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix it?

Any ideas are welcome, thank you in advance.
Chek your web.config it seems there is one line missing

        <profile enabled="true" defaultProvider="YafProfileProvider" inherits="YAF.Utils.YafUserProfile">

It doesn't matter which provider you are using but the inherits attribute is needed.
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Hello tha_wathca,
Unfortunately that line is already there. As mentioned, even with the supplied web.config, it works if the cms dll's and precompiledapp.config are not present, and does not work when the cms dll's and precompiledapp.config are present.
The problem may be that the cms is a precompiled web application which apperently doesn't contain the profile feature.

So I fear that the two projects simply are compatible :|
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