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When I type an article after clicking on New Topic and click on the Preview button, it shows a javascript prompt saying that An Auto Saved version is found and if the user wants to compare..then gives user an option to click on the Ok or Cancel. If the user clicks on the Cancel, everything on the Description is deleted. If if the user clicks on Ok to compare, then clicks on Cancel then also everything is deleted.

Is there a way to disable Auto Save? It is more of a pain to retype the thing than recover it in case something went wrong...

Version: 2.2.2
Yes there is a way to disable the autosave plugin ....

Go to the folder ...\Scripts\ckeditor\ and open the file ckeditor_init.js or ckeditor_initbbcode.js and remove the autosave from the list of extra plugins.

But in the next YAF Release there will be a fix for that.

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