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The username is showing in a few places when using display name. I made the following changes to stop it from showing (sorry haven't figured out how to do a patch yet).

In pages\ Line# 89

    protected string GetPrintHeader([NotNull] object o)
        var row = (DataRow)o;
        string displayName = this.PageContext.Get<IUserDisplayName>().GetName((int)row["UserID"]);
        return "<strong>{2}: {0}</strong> - {1}".FormatWith(
          displayName, this.Get<IDateTime>().FormatDateTime((DateTime)row["Posted"]), this.GetText("postedby"));

In controls\DisplayPost.ascx.cs Line# 478

        case "lastposts":
          string displayName = this.PageContext.Get<IUserDisplayName>().GetName(this.PostData.UserId);
          YafBuildLink.Redirect(, "postedby={0}",   displayName);//this.PostData.UserProfile.UserName);

Obviously you would want to switch based on the display name setting - but it is always on for our setup.
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Also showing in PM's

In YAF.Core\Services\YafSendNotification.cs Line# 183

          string displayName = YafContext.Current.Get<IUserDisplayName>().GetName(YafContext.Current.PageUserID);

          // fill the template with relevant info
          notificationTemplate.TemplateParams["{fromuser}"] = displayName; //YafContext.Current.PageUserName;
          notificationTemplate.TemplateParams["{link}"] =
              YafBuildLink.GetLinkNotEscaped(ForumPages.cp_message, true, "pm={0}", userPMessageId));
          notificationTemplate.TemplateParams["{forumname}"] = YafContext.Current.BoardSettings.Name;
          notificationTemplate.TemplateParams["{subject}"] = subject;

          // create notification email subject          
          string emailSubject =
              "COMMON", "PM_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT", UserHelper.GetUserLanguageFile(toUserId)).FormatWith(
                displayName, //YafContext.Current.PageUserName, 
                YafContext.Current.BoardSettings.Name, subject);
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Applied your fixes (a bit changed), except the subject localization in the last chunk.

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