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Changes in v1.9.6 BETA 1:

View v1.9.6 BETA 1 Release on CodePlex 

BETA Release! Please understand that due to the changes to the core code in this version, it's not considered a production release. Please only upgrade or install if you absolutely must have a feature or just love living on the edge. As always, feedback is appreciated!

New Features & Changes:

  • Database-Based Topic Read Tracking
  • Single Sign On via Facebook (Needs to be enabled in the Host Settings)
  • Added more fast and reliable variant for Active... tables clean-up and filling in
  • Added Simple "Generate New Image" Link Button to Refresh the Captcha on the Register Page
  • Added Email Validation to the Register Page
  • Added Fallback to Yaf BBCode Editor if User Browses with a Mobile Device
  • Improved NNTP handling. Actually advances the lastMessage without downloading headers if the time < cutOffDate.
  • .NET v4 -- AsParellel being used for the sync tasks. Hopefully no threading issues. Needs to be tested more.
  • Redesign of the AlphaSort Control Moved from Table to Definition List. Its now much more flexible and easier to style.
  • Extended the Allowed Email Length of User Email to 255 Chars.
  • Fix for IsProtected (all pages default to protected). Removed IsPrivate which was not being used.
  • Added A Check to Create the Uploads Folder (If not exists) before Uploading content.
  • Added Syntax Highlighting to Posts to the Last 10 Pages List on the Post Message Page and User Profile Page.
  • Added new Core BBCode other BB Codes inside a [NOPARSE] [B]text[/B] will be not parsed.
  • IP info for admins in activeusers list.
  • Users can now login with User name or Email Address or Display Name (If enabled) and Password
  • Fix for integration purposes. New users should be created with Guest/Board default TimeZone and while editing a Guest it changes too.
  • Fixed "Failed to load viewstate" Exception when Config Setting ShowToolbar is disabled.
  • Updated CKEditor to Version 3.6.0
  • New Host Setting to enable/disable Allow Avatar Gallery. If all Settings Avatar Gallery/Remote Avatars/Gravatars/Avatar Uploads are deactivated the Edit Avatar Menu Item is Hidden in the User Control Panel Menu.
  • Missing translation added, updated german language file
  • Improving the error handling in the NNTP implementation.
  • Added Tooltips to the Email and PM Button on the Team Page
  • New Board Setting: Email Moderators On a Reported Post
  • Added UserName support back into the project for "Guests" -- improved NNTP to support replies.
  • Updated Italian Language file (Provided by User francoz)
  • Added an Search Field bellow the Topics List to directly search through the current forum
  • Added 10 Seconds Refresh Time for Moderation Info Page, and if message is posted in existing topic it is redirected to the topic instead of the forum.
  • Fixed [YAF-165] UserMembershipHelper.FindUsersByName bad page index default
  • The Admin Menu Accordian now Selects the Correct Menu Item on a Third Level Page.
  • Updated dutch Language file (Provided by bertb)
  • XSS Injection Security Fixes
  • Youtube BBCode now supports "youtu.be/xyz" urls
  • Converted everything to .NET v4.
  • Fix for admins in the team page. Should not be linked to forum access masks.
  • Akismet Spam Service can be used for SPAM Checking (Needs an API Key)
  • Fixed [YAF-106] ShoutBox - Unable to resize popup box
  • Disable last post links for 'no access' forums.
  • Added a New BBCode [hidden]Hidden Content[/hidden] The Content is Hidden until a User uses The Thank Button.
  • Fix for Failed to send digest
  • Logout Dialog is now correctly Correctly Positioned after Postback.
  • A fix for the incorrect sort order in member list + Made group and rank lists to be displayed by sort order.
  • Tooltips to Irkoo Buttons
  • Added SPAM Protection to YAF.NET
  • Tons of bugs and

    v1.9.6 is .NET v4 ONLY!

    Gotta love the YAF.NET developers. I pretty much phoned this release in, these guys did all the work:





    For their contributions! Great job team!

    Project Moved

    Official Twitter and Facebook

    Languages may be out of date to the latest in english.xml. Now there is a new language file editor in the admin to make localization much simpler.

    Support the YAF.NET Project
    Please donate to the project: Donate 

    Bug/Issue Tracking

    DNN Module
     tha_watcha is managing the release of the Official YAF DNN module and can be downloaded here: http://dnnyafnet.codeplex.com/ 

    Special thanks to tha_watcha (again!) for seriously improving the project -- he has really stepped up and contributed a ton.

    If you do want to compile the source, please download Visual Studio 2010 Express .

    SRC: Includes the compiled forum and forum page files with full source and binaries. Requires .NET v4 or greater.
    BIN: Includes the compiled forum and forum page files without the source. Requires .NET v4 or greater.

    Download Link to v1.9.6 BETA1 Release 
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    I hope this bug is fixed which make slow loading of all pages with attachments:

    YAF DNN Module Version is online now...

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    Hey, guys!

    The version will be first to have an available MojoPortal module which will be published in a two weeks scope. Due to some incompatibilities in licenses it'll be published as a source code and as a separate project.

    MySQL Data Layer will be available too as my personal project in the nearest time, there will be some special announcements. The data layer should be fully upgradable from the versions I was making for YAF perviously. All the further support for the MySQL code is in the community hands :-d .

    MojoPortal module on the other hand will be supported for some time untill we'll solve all possible problems.with the new soft.
    Thanks for this great forum software guys! Awesome job! 👍
    Updated my forum last night (http://forum.scenariopaintballteam.com). Other than the server not realizing .net 4 was actually already installed it was a pretty painless upgrade. So far, we're diggin it. If we come across any issues along the way would you prefer them here or in another thread?

    Awesome job, as always, guys! 😮
    Originally Posted by: tperry 

    Updated my forum last night (http://forum.scenariopaintballteam.com). Other than the server not realizing .net 4 was actually already installed it was a pretty painless upgrade. So far, we're diggin it. If we come across any issues along the way would you prefer them here or in another thread?

    Awesome job, as always, guys! 😮

    Post them in a new topic, so we can better keep track of all issues.

    Put a few over in the Issue and Bug section . Overall, this seems to be a really kickarse release!
    Nice one with the .Net 4.0 framework.
    Any prediction when there will be a final 1.9.6 release?
    Will Chen
    Heads up for folks updating. I moved to a new host which has .NET 2.0 and 4.0 installed and decided to load the beta. I was getting the following error when attempting to update host settings from the admin page: A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client

    I found the fix here , all I had to do was add the following code to the web.config file within the system.web tags:

    <httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" />

    Now works great! thanks for the hard work!
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    It's great job ^^

    When the new beta version release, is it possible to say a date ?
    http://www.dilliduduk.com  . It's very usable :)) I changed my hosting service yet then immediately upgraded to this version. I recommended it.

    Thank you all
    http://www.dilliduduk.com  . It's very usable :)) I changed my hosting service yet then immediately upgraded to this version. I recommended it.

    Thank you all

    did you find any annoying bugs in that release? I think about upgrading as well.
    You should upgrade, its perfect 🙂

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