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This might be a noob question? I have yaf installed in a sub directory (~/forum) and I use a master page. How do I create a link from the default.aspx or masterpage (i.e. non yaf page, like a navigation menu) to use the yaf login controls (login.aspx); specifically the login popup? Code examples would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
I have the same issue. I would like to add login feature to my master page instead as seperate page.
When i try to add login control, it is giving error.
Any help or pointere would be appreciated.
Take a look at the Login Page how its done, you only need to add an standard asp.net Login control to your page, and dont forget to add the code that validates the user. Every thing you need to know can be found in the login.ascx and login.ascx.cs page.

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