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the same day i've upgrade YafDNN to 1.95-FINAL CPU on the server raise to almost 100%. Before it was <10% average. Now it is 70%-80% average. Number of users is between 5 and 80. Average 30...

Server is:

Windows server 2008 R2 enterprise
Intel Xeon 3.00 GHz (4procssors)
Memory 4 GB
64 bit system type

Till i found solution i've setup App.Pool Recycling every 20 min which actually drops CPU use percentage.
DB is healthy (no expensive queries visible with SQL profiler) so there must be something in YAF code!

We had YAF 1.91 version before this upgrade and CPU was minimal...

How can we fix these perforamance issues?

I've lost lots of hours with it with no success. We can't go to latest version, because of framework 4 which causes lots of errors on our DNN modules.
There is a known issue with 1.9.5 consuming high processor. will cure that issue --
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