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I'm trying to set our forums up to replace social security numbers. I have been successful in getting it to replace a 9 digit number but when posted in the normal format 123-45-6789 I can't get replace to work. I'm sure it's a syntax issue I have wrong. Can someone supply me with the proper syntax please?

I'm sure this question has been asked before but my forum searches yielded nothing.

Thanks in advance!!
Make sure you are escaping special characters in the regex, such as the dash. If you don't properly escape any 'reserved' characters, the regex will fail.
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Wow, fast reply. Much appreciated!!

We just figured it out. Needed to enclose the expression in parenthesis. This one works for 123456789 and 123-45-6789


Thought I'd list the expression for the next person who might search this post.

Thank you for the help. Issue resolved

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