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I have an announcement forum setup, and it is only displaying 10 most recent topics and no pagination is available at the bottom of the page to access older posts. Additionally, selecting the drop down arrow in Show Topics option does not work. Using version 1.9.5 RC1.
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Sorry, currently you can add only 10 announcements without pagination only. This problem is in the current source code too. Look at it as at a free edition limitation. 🙂


the drop down arrow in Show Topics

What is it?
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Thanks for the quick reply. That's very unfortunate that you are only allowed to display 10 Announcement posts...guess I don't completely understand the purpose of flagging a post as an Announcement then??

Would I be better off just flagging my posts at 'Normal' in my forum to allow pagination?

With regards to the drop down arrow in Show Topics, I was referring to the option at the bottom of each page that allows you to filter the topics by time stamp (ex. from the last day, from the last two days, etc)...doesn't seem to work for posts flagged as Announcements.

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