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Im trying to integrate YAF in one of my web applications. I have made a folder called /forum in my application and copied the yaf-files into it. I have copied the config files to my root folder and edited them according to the sample application on your site. I have included all the necessary references to the yaf dlls and created a Forum.aspx in the /forum folder.

Everyting seems to work at first. I browse to the /forder/Forum.aspx. Because the database tables are not created yet, im automatically redirected to the /install/default.aspx page. Then I get an error in in YAF.Core on this line.

// set the httpApplication as early as possible...
GlobalContainer.Container.Resolve<CurrentHttpApplicationStateBaseProvider>().Instance =
new HttpApplicationStateWrapper(httpApplication.Application);

It says that it cant find the file YAF.Types version I have referenced YAF.Core and YAF.Types in my project. It seems like YAF.Core at some point is trying to use YAF.Types Do you know any solution to this problem?


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