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I am relatively new to this forum software package. I am trying to set up
a relatively private forum. I am tring to make as little information about
the users and their posts public as possible. I have read and implemented
the post about shutting off the "Information and Stats" that are posted
at the bottom of the front page. This worked great. I gave the guest group
"no access" by creating a completely restricted mask (false to all) to any
of the forums. This mians the guest can see the forum titles but can not
read or post to them. This is great.

However, on the front page, on the line for each forum topic is a "last post"
category. This category contains a link to the (limited) profile of the user
who made the last post. This is a security problem for me.

In most implementations of YetAnotherForum that I have looked at, if I am
not logged in, and if I click on this user id link I am directed to a login
page and no user information is exposed. However, on my implementation, even
if you are not logged in, if you click on this link the limited profile of
the user who made the last post is displayed.

Q1) Is there an option or method that I have missed in the setup that redirects
to a login page as opposed to the user profile page when this "last post" link
is clicked?

Q2) Is it possible to completely remove this link to the user's profile all
together from the front page?

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Quick fix is to check "Hide if no access" on the individual forum settings.

That way, there will be nothing for the guest to see at all.

v1.9.3 adds support for only "registered users" to have access to the profiles.

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