oddest thing happened last night
on my site, the topic.png and new_topic.png stopped working properly.
when you post a new topic, the new_topic.png doesnt show, only the topic.png shows.
i removed the topic.png to make sure it was at least LOOKING in the right place and READING the right files, and even that disappeared from the page, so I know its looking at something.
i checked the theme's .xml page, i neven tried a new theme, nothing worked.
semi solved..
i made a copy of the topic_new.png file
renamed it
went into the theme's .xml, changed the line to reflect the new .png name, saved it
made a new post and it looked like it worked.

dunno why, maybe a bug to report?

try that if you're seeing the same error?
Stupid question, did you press [F5] or the reload button? I've had simular 'problems', but for me it was only the browsers cache which wasn't refreshed if clicking on links only.
- Sry for my english ;)

BattCursor.Net  - Official homepage of that tool for vista laptops!
ive done F5, ive deleted my browsers cache.. all that..
i ran a few tests.. it doesnt matter what theme im using.. i set a test section of my forum to another theme, and its not using the topic_new.png either.
thats funny. i tried it on our forum, with each theme thats available in 1.9.3 RC2 but no problems, anything seems to be fine o.0

maybe a (web server) configuration problem?
Does it still work for you with the renamed file?
- Sry for my english ;)

BattCursor.Net  - Official homepage of that tool for vista laptops!
nope it broke a short time later.. i tried the same trick then it broke again
www.silveradoss.net  check it out all you see are the white SS logos.. not the blue ones indicating a new post
ok a member posted something, and it worked..
I , as an admin\moderator posted something and it did not.. me thinks.. bug?
well, no :)

Remember what happens if you write a new topic / message.
You type it, and after you send it to the server you will be redirected to the new message (you / 'your account' will read it). So it isn't unread for you / 'your account' :)

For all others it should be, not for the writer itself.

Sounds a bit of logic, you have not to be informed that theres something new, because you are the one that writes that. You should know about that changes, so it isn't displayed 😉
- Sry for my english ;)

BattCursor.Net  - Official homepage of that tool for vista laptops!
ooh yeah , what was i thinkin?
is there a way to change that?

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