Trying to upgrade from v1.9.3 RC2 to 1.9.3 Final
I've done a few customizations to treat messages as approved before the moderator rejects or approves the message.
This is mostly done in the procedures.sql file, and I would be surprised if they turned out to be the source of the problem I am having.

I've copied the recommended-NETv3.5-web.config into my main Web.config verbatim.
I tried to "merge" changes as it touched upon in Install.txt, but this is either far beyond my pay-grade, or I just don't see anything in my old web.config that I need to carry over to the new NETv3.5 web.config.
Whatever the membership provider settings are, I don't know what I need to keep from the old web.config nor what I need to take from the new one.
For that matter, I don't know what membership provider settings are nor am I sure I care.
As long as the existing users are preserved in the upgrade - I'm happy.

The full error message is:
The control with ID '' requires a ScriptManager on the page. The ScriptManager must appear before any controls that need it.
By stepping through the code, it comes up shortly after YAF.Classes.Base.ForumPage.RegisterLoadString() that is called from YAF.Classes.Base.ForumPage.ForumPage_PreRender

I'm running this through Visual Studio 2008 running on Vista Premium x64 with SQL Server 2008 backend.
I believe I'm running on .Net 3.5, but I may have gotten confused after trying to get either YAF-v1.9.3-FINAL or YAF-v1.9.3-FINAL-BIN-NET35 working
(which may be part of the problem).

I saw a previous thread with a similar (or maybe exact) problem, but there was nothing posted that talked about how to resolve it.

One other thing I should note, is that when this goes into production, it will be restricted to Medium trust level.

(Also thought I would mention that I came across a strange unrelated bug before this, that table yaf_Medal had BoardId set as the identity column rather than MedalId.)

I triggered an idea to fix the problem when I was typing my issue:

I think I ran into a problem with one build and replaced it with another download, .... lost track of things.
So, under the Web project's Property Pages, inside the Build tab/section, the Target framework was still at .Net 2.0
Changing it to .Net Framework 3.5 fixed the issue.

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