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Right now, Admins can see who is online AND a disply of this info:
Name IP Address Location Forum Location Topic Location

Right now, Members can see who is online AND a display of this info:
User Name Logged In Last Active Active Browser Platform

Is it possible to switch some of these fields around.
Our "old" forum allowed users to see who was online and what topic they were browsing. And if they were looking at what topics they were browsing a comment came up saying they were "snooping on other users, like you". many of my members have asked me if we'd have this feature with YAF, as I mod a forum for a celeb, and they sort of like knowing when he's online and what forum he's reading or posting in.

On a side note, it also allowed "invisible members" - IE, if the celeb wanted to come on and not have people see what he's doing, he could go stealth. It just says there is one invisible member, but you don't know who it is or what they are doing. Regular members didn't have this superpower, only admins and mods.

So can admins see:
User name, IP address, Location, Logged In, Browser, Platform
(as I think these are things an Admin would need to know if someone is having problems posting, maybe)

And members (and Admins) of the forum can see:
Name, Location, Logged in, Last Active, Forum Location, Topic Location.

an invisible mode would be cool, however, the admins and mods must be able to see them.
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midwestSS wrote:

an invisible mode would be cool, however, the admins and mods must be able to see them.

Sorry, that's what I meant. Regular "members" can't go stealth, only admins and mods.
In our case, the celeb who owns the site would presumably have Admin access. I think he should be able to hide his online status if he chooses. ALSO, he should be allowed to turn off his email or PM options. And before you say it, YES, an admin should be available on email... but there are times you may not want to be... otherwise, you log on and are bombarded with PM messages and/or emails.

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