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Hey all,

Still kind of a NooB with .NET, and not a programmer but, as a system admin in windows (MCSE) I understand some strong basics. I have had YAF setup on one of sites and worked very well.

I am looking for some blogging software and when I came on here, I looked over the blog on this site and looks exactly what I am looking for. I noticed it was done in BlogEngine.NET.

I am setting up a new sub-domain for a subject that I am really good with. I am really interested in getting YAF and BlogEngine setup on one site by going to the homepage showing the blog and with links to discuss (on the YAF fourm).

I tried to search but, came up with nothing. Is there any details on how to get this setup and running like you have here ? I'm still kind of a newbie on this but, I really would like to get something up and running ASAP if possable.

I have my own domain space that I wil be hosting it on and it has a backbone of SQL and ASP.NET

Thanks for any info that you can give...

Or is there a better way to do what I want to do ?


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