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Hello Everyone, this is my first time installing YAF and it is on a website that is asp classic.

I created a folder in the website called "forum" and got that made into a application. I then put all the YAF files into this folder. I installed YAF using the standard instructions. As far as i can see, the forum is working properly. The one concern i have is that wether the forum is using the /images /upload folder within the "forum" folder or whether it is navigating to the root images and upload folders.

When i upload a custom avatar i can not find it in the forum upload/avatar folder or images folder, where are these saved?

Do i need to change any settings since i am using a sub folder even though this sub folder is technically the root application folder for

Lastly, when installing i could not get the "full text search" option to install because i do not believe it is installed on the database server. Is it worth my while to get this installed on the server? Will it make a huge difference? and if i decide to, do i have to reinstall the entire forum to utilize this feature?

If you can answer any or all of these it would be greatly appreicated!


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