I currently have a database on my website that uses an sql server and ASP .NET built in membership store; Has anyone had any luck integrating YAF to work with this framework? The idea is to have a user only have to log in once for the site and forums. I read a bunch of other posts on this subject but it wasnt clear that anyone came to an anwser...Thanks!

This is primarily the most frequently asked question. There are multiple posts (with code examples) on various methods to do this. There is also a demo (called YAF Blend) in here too.

Try searching again, usinf "intergrate, blend, single signon" as keywords. You will find your answer. Keep in mind, each integration is different. Any answer you get will still require diving into YAF code.
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Just curious when was the last time anyone found the illusive "YAF Blend" demo? I'm curious to see the demo just to compare it to my current solution.

In searching for it all I have found is posts saying "Search for it." I must be missing something.




The article you want is this one


.....the man in black fled across the desert..........and the gunslinger followed.....
D'oh "YafBlend" VS "Yaf Blend"


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