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I can't change my e-mail in the profile section. There is no error message. When I press save. I go back to the profile section. The e-mail address reverts to the old e-mail address. The yaf version is 2.1.0 BETA

I do believe this is a bug. I can change the e-mail address in the db if I know witch table to look at.
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I'm not sure if there's a way to do it with the software. Maybe there's something in the web.config that's prohibiting membership email changes?

I've just ran a update query when users needed their email changed. Actually, come to think of it, I think there was a bug related to the emails because they have to be unique and verified. I dunno for sure.
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Update I can't change the e-mail address using the profile section. I can sign on as the admin, and then click membership link, then click on the users name and then click on the admin button. Then I can change the e-mail address. That a odd work around, Only a administrator can change the e-mail address.

If the Administrator requires e-mail verification. When the user change his or her e-mail address and when they press the save button. a pop-up text box should say "You will need to verify your e-mail address. The db should retain the old e-mail address until the new e-mail address is verified.
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There is a quirk in how that system works. If you are requiring email verification, when you change the email address in one of the profile edit pages as a user, it does not 'update' persay in the field, but the database is updated and a notification is triggered. The user must validate the new email before it will appear in their user profile.

Please verify that you are using notifications and email verifications, and that email services are working.

Then - if you have 'two' fields that display the email address - try to change one - save and check for notification of verification. If no notification, attempt change on other email address field - one should throw notification and will then set the change once it's validated.

I ran into this in older versions and did not know if it was still an issue.

Language should be added to the postback that displays message to user upon change attempt to check mail or cause page reload if no verification needed.

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