🙂 hello , i love this yaf forum product very much ,thanks to every developers!

But there are some problems i can't solve by myself, i need some help..

As everyone knows ,we can't use Google,Twitter,YouTube and so on...
so,there are some function we can't use normally.

For example we can't get the Googles's api ,so i have to replace them with Microsoft's api..

That's can work normally.

But when i go to some pages like search page and topic page, my page can't refresh because some similarly reasons.

I find the problem, But I can't fix it.

The problem is i can't get '<head><script id="twitter-wjs" src="//"></script></head>',so i want to remove it from my code , but i can't find it.
I find everywhere, but i don't know where does this code automatically created~~~

Everytime when i go to the Search and Topic page,the <script> will be added automatically , how can i remove it from my pages??I really feel exhausted to find the correct location and the correct code..

ps:I'm very soory for my poor english, i will try my best to improve it ! 🙂

no one offer any help, i feel very frustrated..
Sorry but it can take some time until someone answers, I look in to the problem as soon as i'm back from work.

Which yaf version are you using?

Ps.: spamming the forum usually doesn't help to get a faster response or any at all.
sorry about that..🤔
very sorry...

my version is 2.1.2
That Script is injected for the Twitter BB Code. If you want to remove the script you need to remove the BB Code Extension under Admin -> Settings -> BB Code Extensions -> Delete the TWITTER Extension.
The problem has solved. I really appreciate for this.

I'd been trying to modify the 'twitter api' code snippets in the bebind-code ,but never seem to be able to fix it.


I'm sorry for junk mail.
And I'll pay more attention and effort to help others anything I could in this forum.

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