Initially, I thought I was just forgetting to do this, but it appears that the role assignment in YAFDNN doesn't persist. Here's how I was able to recreate this.

- Clean site with custom users, superusers and roles added (including a role called "Moderators")
- Install & configure YAFDNN
- Add several forums
- Add Moderators role in YAF
- Assign Moderators role to a specific forum
- Import users
- Assign Administrator and Moderators role to a specific superuser account
- Ensure that the role allows for the forum to be accessed
- Restart IIS and/or recycle the application/app pool

Expected Behavior: No change.

Actual Behavior: The role assignment is revoked, as if it were never assigned.

tha_Watcha: I'm sending you a video via PM so you can see it. I don't want it to be a public video.

Please note, that as a workaround, I tried assigning these same role permissions using the DNN administration, and they worked fine and persisted this way, but it required an application restart to appear in YAFDNN.
Will Strohl
CEO & Founder, Upendo Ventures
Actually thats not really a bug. The idea is that you only need to manage the roles in DNN not in YAF. Thats why YAF always automatically sync. the roles from dnn and ignore all the changes.
Actually, that doesn't appear to be true. YAF isn't even aware of the DNN roles until I told it to, but I didn't even know to do that until you made me aware of where the setting was and that it was even possible. Beyond that, the roles don't get "automatically" synchronized until it's turned on - but again, one would need to be aware of this feature.

If you have a feature in the UI that allows you to create, manage, edit, and assign roles, one would expect that a role assignment would continue to work beyond the moment that it's assigned. When it's no longer assigned despite having saved the setting, this is very much a bug.

If you feel that role assignment should only occur in DNN, that's fine. Then that view should probably be removed from the YAF UI since it doesn't work as expected and you don't think it should be used.
Will Strohl
CEO & Founder, Upendo Ventures
Sorry for my late answer.

Yes i think to handle the roles only in one place is the better solution. And i agree the ui should be removed from YAF inside dnn. I already changed the way in YAF when you start a new Board in DNN all roles & users will be automatically imported (this will be introduced in YAF 2.3.0)

But i can understand your use case where you like to add moderators or admins to the forum but not for the rest of the site.

You do can actually assign users to moderators without using the security roles. For example ...

- You go to the forum where you want to make a user as mod
- Next click the Moderate Button
- In the Section Members you can invite users and apply the Moderator Access Mask.

But i can understand that this is a bit problematic when you need to repeat that for so many forums & users in the board. And of course this would not work for making users to admins to the board.

So i still need to find a better solution for this use case. I update this discussion when i have an answer.
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