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I was still wondering that the portal usage for yaf seems to stop.

OK, Rainbow seems to be died. 2 years without update.

DNN... Well it's fine for newcomers and "I simply want to click to see my solution" users, but it's output is the worst HTML code I've ever seen, and it is not possible to fix that without modifying most of the source files. -.-"

What's about other systems?
And can someone please create a small tutorial for developers how to embed YAF into CMS xyz? Or have I only missed this tutorial? I don't wan't to read most of YAFs source lines to do this by myself.
- Sry for my english ;)

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Personally I haven't found one portal that suits my needs, so I've started building my own from scratch using YAF code. Haven't heard of a full integration with the other two main ones namely Umbraco and that other one that escapes me but I'll edit back again with its name.

Simply put the colossal effort its taken us to get 1.93 somewhere near final has taken all precedence. Whilst it should simplify integration, its doesn't guarantee it and we'll have to focus some effort in. Either that or I find a full development team to help with my portal ;-)


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Well I have serveral other projects running, so I doesn't have as much time as I should have to create my own cms :)
Also my C# is as 'good' as my english, because I develop in vb. So I can't really help. Maybe a bit only :)

But if you build your own portal, can you show me where you got the information how to implement yaf in it?
I have seen some things that I dont understand, for example the url building stuff.
And what's with the membership? What must I do to hide or redirect the login / register functions, because my page already has them?

I'm pretty sure if I start trying to add it to my umbraco installation (for my case) there will be serveral other questions, too ^^

I thought there was a small tutorial or something else. And I dont want to have a closer look at the dnn module, because its for an older version, and I think I have read there are serveral changes in membership?
- Sry for my english ;)

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