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I was curious about how Ajax.Pro came to be part of the YAF library family with 1.9.4. In looking at the Thanks logic and reading on AjaxPro.info and elsewhere, it looks like a great concept to enable wrapping .NET methods in Ajax. It also appears that it has stopped being improved since 2008. Finally, I don't see it used anywhere in the YAF 1.9.4 source except with Thanks. I don't need the history or anything, but I was curious if there were plans of using Ajax.Pro in future YAF features other than Thanks.

On a related topic, in studying the wonderful 1.9.4 bits I also have been taking time to learn about DotNetAge. Very cool and I can understand why a number of slick 1.9.4 features are using it. Seeing DNA's role in future YAF development made me curious about Ajax.Pro's.

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Hi, Dave.
Developers know about this AjaxPro 2008 problem.
It was discussed very intensely and many variants were proposed. The total is that every decision his its drawbacks. May be in future the feature developer makes it other way, but it's not a crime to do it currently this way 🙂 .
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It was sort of a "best of available options" pick. I think it works decently given the needs -- but I don't like it requires web.config changes. Might just go WebServices here at some point...
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Thanks for the input, guys. I'm a "whatever works" coder, and seeing how AjaxPro works so well with Thanks I'm going to definitely explore it. But as you say, Jaben, I probably will lean toward the web service route for most client functions in the future as I've been for a few months now.

Have a good one.
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