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 New PostsLogin with google "Missing required parameter: client_id"
Login with google "Missing required parameter: client_id"

 testAccount  2016-09-06T10:14:54Z

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Last Post by: testAccount   2016-09-14T14:01:20Z

 New PostsError using YAF libraries to log in

 vikasoft  2016-07-13T04:57:00Z

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Last Post by: vikasoft   2016-07-13T05:12:02Z

 New PostsEasily transform your YAF in a BLOG
A few simple steps to have a BLOG from your YAF

 pipRaptor  2016-05-01T09:48:55Z

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  • Views: 3,458

Last Post by: pipRaptor   2016-05-01T11:38:12Z

 New PostsUsing ASP NET IDENTITY OWIN (MVC 5) With YAF (As part of your site)  +2
Solved - read how it worked for me

 evak2979  2014-05-12T18:04:23Z - 1 2

  • Replies: 18
  • Views: 21,684

Last Post by: clubnp   2016-04-16T21:23:29Z

 New PostsYAF Cookie integration
Sitecore application calling YAF Fails to create cookie across subdomain

 gmorse  2016-01-22T17:39:51Z

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Last Post by: gmorse   2016-01-22T17:39:51Z

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  • Views: 2,961

Last Post by: Janicenoel   2015-11-25T17:21:04Z

 New PostsHow to create this access mask....???

 rbarrow  2015-10-07T12:07:46Z

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Last Post by: rbarrow   2015-10-07T12:07:46Z

 New PostsHow to link a role to a user?

 Stein Inge  2015-09-20T09:27:37Z

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  • Views: 2,024

Last Post by: Stein Inge   2015-09-20T09:27:37Z

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Last Post by: pwashburn@aol.com   2015-08-24T18:43:14Z

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  • Views: 4,791

Last Post by: Dimitry11   2015-08-01T21:28:58Z

 New Postscustumize yaf
custumize yaf

 dipak.harane  2015-07-06T10:36:53Z

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Last Post by: dipak.harane   2015-07-06T10:36:53Z

 New PostsImporting Forum Data From Custom System
Need to import user details somehow.

 Kingsfield  2015-06-25T10:00:12Z

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  • Views: 2,029

Last Post by: Kingsfield   2015-06-25T11:14:35Z

 New PostsUser not logged in by SetAuthCookie

 pwashburn@aol.com  2015-03-03T16:55:11Z

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Last Post by: pwashburn@aol.com   2015-06-08T16:59:12Z

 New PostsSyncing Userdata FROM YAF to other DB?

 Eagle_f90  2015-03-19T22:47:47Z

  • Replies: 4
  • Views: 2,835

Last Post by: bbobb   2015-03-20T20:07:55Z

 New PostsIntegrate YAF in MVC website.

 Mikael  2015-02-25T07:25:11Z

  • Replies: 1
  • Views: 2,235

Last Post by: Mikael   2015-02-25T07:25:11Z
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