General Features

  • Forum
  • Individual user graphic "Album" system with automatic thumbnails feature
  • Polls
  • Timestamps are displayed in relative Time that refreshes automatically
  • Multilingual support (also for RTL languages)
  • Unicode (UTF-8) encoding
  • RSS & Atom Feeds for all Pages (e.g. Forums, Topics, Active Discussion)
  • Daily Email Digest
  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • Available as stand-alone application, DNN Module and Sample Web Forms Application
  • Stable and Secure
  • Great Performance - Even for forums with a large numbers of users and posts,
  • Instant Full text Search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • META keywords/description tags generated on topic pages.

Member Management

  • True ASP.NET Membership/Role/Profile Provider support -- no dependencies.
  • user system with unlimited roles and permissions
  • Rank System (with Rank Images)
  • Group/Role specific features including: Colors, Private Message- and signature limitations.
  • Login via Username/Display Name/Email and Password


  • Possibility to hide forums when user has no access.
  • Access rights based on groups.
  • SSL Compatible
  • Captcha (Integrated Support for reCaptcha)
  • Email Verification
  • IP/Email/User Name Banning (Black lists)
  • Bad Word Replacement System

SPAM Protection

  • Full support for the Akismet Anti-spam Service for filtering spam messages
  • Block Spam Messages and users via Spam Words when trying to post spam content
  • Automatically reject Bots During registration via StopForumSpam.com
  • Automatically reject Bots During registration via BotScout.com


  • Runs as a User Control (.ascx) in .NET allowing simpler site and CMS integration.
  • Dynamic plugin engine allowing module extensions.
  • Custom "BBCode" extension system allowing adding of community features.
  • URL Rewriting
  • Completely Localization (With Integrated Language Editor)

Standards Compliance

  • XHTML Validated.
  • Feed Syndication (RSS & Atom)


  • Supports common "Rich Text Editors"
  • CKEditor included as an option (HTML and BBCode Mode)
  • TinyMCE can be added as option.
  • Users can choose between Editor HTML and BBCode Editor.


  • Unlimited number of categories, forums and sub forums per board
  • Permissions can be set per Roles (Groups) or individual Users


  • Topic Display Options - Threaded and Normal
  • Topic and forum Email Notification
  • Visitors who are viewing the topic are shown
  • New Post Indicator
  • Printer friendly topic view
  • Tools to Manage Topics - Edit, Delete, Move, etc.
  • Subscribe the Topic via Atom or RSS Feed
  • Topic Timestamps are displayed in relative Time e.g. "4 minutes ago"
  • Topic Starter can mark a reply as As Answer
  • Show similar topic titles


  • Supports Unicode Emoji
  • Supports all Common BBCodes
  • Supports Custom BBCodes
  • Supports HTML in post
  • Supports Unicode Emoticons
  • Optional WYSIWYG or standard (BBCode) editors for posts
  • Attachment stored on file system
  • Attachment Images with Modal Image View
  • Quick Replay Box for fast Replying
  • Preview Post when writing a Post
  • Polls
  • Post Reporting - report posts to moderators
  • User post count
  • Thank System
  • Post Timestamps are displayed in relative Time e.g. "4 minutes ago"
  • On-Site Notifications when a user get mentioned or Quoted in a Message
  • Automatically save message draft

Member Features

  • Member Profile Page
  • Member List (With Search)
  • Optional - Member Theme selection
  • Private Messaging
  • Friends List
  • Who's Online
  • Member Signatures
  • Favorite Topics List
  • User Albums
  • Reputation System with unique Reputation Bar
  • User Read Tracking
  • User Info Hover cards

Avatar Options

  • Admin Defined Avatar Galleries
  • Custom Avatars - Users can upload from computer or specify a URL
  • Option to use Gravatar Avatars

Private Messages

  • Users can send Private Messages to other Users
  • Pop Up Notification on new PMs.
  • Optional Email Notification on new PMs


  • Permission system, based on user rank role and forum access mask


  • Multiple attachments and file types (types defined by Admin)
  • Storage type options for attachments (database or file system)
  • Images can be directly attached to a message, via Drag & Drop in the Editor

User Settings

  • These Settings include Time zone, Editor Options, Language chooser and theme chooser
  • Auto-Watch Topics - where a user leaves his posts
  • Email notifications for new posts in forums or in topics

Admin & Host Features

  • Web based administration
  • Board stats
  • Administrators can mass email to all users or specific group.
  • Mass User Import/Export
  • Database Maintenance
  • Run SQL Queries

Admin Maintenance

  • Task Manager
  • Prune Topics
  • Private Messages Management
  • Event Log
  • Restart Application

Themes & Templates

  • Isolated CSS Theming system: won't conflict with an existing site.
  • Template for easy integration with your current site design.
  • 22 Bootstrap Themes are included


  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • 24 Language Files included
  • Built-In Language Manager


  • Included a Customizable Help Guide


  • Internal search engine for advanced searching
  • Quick Search
  • External Search Engines

NNTP Support

  • Retrieve Usenet articles from NNTP Servers


  • Free Community based Support Forum

About Us

The YAF.NET is an open source .NET forum project. YAF.NET is supported by an team of international developers who are build community by building community software.

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