I'm trying to install YAF latest version, and i completely fail. And i find that hard to believe since i'm a webmaster and i do those things all day. ASP and NET.

I'm trying to install it under a shared hosting plan, with Windows 2008r2 / NET2 or NET4 and MS SQL 2008. Dot Net Panel also.

Running the installation page, i get at first that all permissions are ok but then i get

Unable to modify your config file to write the installation password due to permission.

Changing the WHOLE website wwwroot within DNP with full write access for installation pursoses, still i see that error and no matter what i do, i can't go on. Editing manually the file doesn't help.

After spending all morning with this, i had to ask for help.


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1.9.4 is 3.5 SP1. But you can run it on 4 too.
Use search if you find some problems like 
You should enter your password by hand into app.config file if your permissions are insufficient.

I have tried all that, NET4 was my 1st try.

Also even with the wwwroot at full RW mode even for the Network service, i can't pass that password page. Editing manually the file doesn't help.


Ok, i'm live now.

But with Net 3.5. For some reason Net4 can't install and i can't find any information.

Also i had to do a lot of guessing on config files. Seems like a well kept secret. And a lot of url and wiki links are old and gone.

Anyway, great software from what i know.

Some docs and it would be perfect.


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