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8 years ago
Excuse the delay on this post -- I've been taking time to gather my thoughts.

First of all, let me say this decision took time to make. But, my life priorities have radically shifted since I started leading YAF.NET in '06. After 7 years of YAF.NET, I don’t have the time, energy or resources to effectively lead. Also, I’m ready for a change as my skills have shifted.

Effective last week I officially give project lead and management to the open source hero, Ingo (tha_watcha). Ingo has been the de facto lead on YAF.NET for a while and it’s time for him to move into the primary role. I would have liked to have given Ingo project lead sooner, but in ‘10 I decided (with the blessing and partnership of the original lead of YAF.NET) to start the YAF.NET commercial licensing business. For those that don’t know, the commercial dual license provided business customers with the ability to use YAF.NET inside their organizations by freeing them from the GPL v2 copy-left licensing restrictions effectively freeing up YAF.NET for enterprise.

About 6 months ago, I effectively shut down the commercial purchase options and I have not been offering licenses renewals (although still providing the latest version to all commercial customers). Most, if not all commercial license purchases are outside the commercial subscriptions window from original purchase date. The few that are not I'll be contacting directly.

Commercial customers will see a v2.1 release. But, there will be no additional commercial releases going forward. Frankly, there is now no need for a dual commercial license. With all future versions of YAF.NET (v2.2 on) businesses are free to use the source (Apache v2) without releasing source change -- effectively negating the need for the dual license.

As Ingo mentioned, I will maintain a role as a “simple” developer on the project. But I’m sure the community will show Ingo the same friendship and appreciation as lead as you've shown me over the years. Given the recent project move to GitHub, a more permissive license, Ingo’s crazy wonderful responsiveness to the community and the community itself, I believe the future of YAF.NET is brighter than ever before. [cool]

8 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to ink this post Jaben and huge thanks for everything you've done with and for YAF. Regardless of how impatient we as a community in a "fix it now" sense can tend to be, I believe I can speak for everyone saying we truly appreciate the time you dedicated and donated to the YAF project. Thank you and good luck with your future endeavors and continued "simple" development with YAF. 🙂

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8 years ago
I can only echo Zero2Cool's sentiments, and I also think Ingo is the right guy to lead this project further since your "new project" will need a lot of your personal attention in the nearest foreseeable future... I'm sure you will be able to do some "simple" things for the project any time.... 😉

Hail Jaben, and now Hail Ingo too!!! 👍

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