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Hi YAF Forum.

Looks to be a great product, just not so sure we can use as we want to. We have an existing ASP.Net website that has custom membership with our clients using separate SQL 2012 databases - their own. So they have their own membership logins and we take them to their correct database depending on a parameter so they can log in. Now these clients have about 300+ client logins each and we want them to have their own forum sections depending on their log in. We don't need them to recreate their log in, since they already did and we use the membership/roles etc as YAF uses, so we want YAF to "pickup" their session log in. I believe can code to make this happen for the most part.
We used the sample web application to create the database on our remote SQL Server instance, and it worked great. However, once we included the files into the existing website (following the documentation) it failed to run with a "regsysinc/install/..." 404 directory error. So we moved it out of the "regsysinc/forum/" and into the root, where it picked it up. But now we have a "Failed to map path '/'" error from the "regsysinc/install/default.aspx" page. This seems like a web/app.config error, but we believe its all okay. Please read below:

<add key="YAF.MembershipProvider" value="YafMembershipProvider" />
<add key="YAF.RoleProvider" value="ApplicationServicesYAF" />
<add key="YAF.ProviderProvider" value="AspNetSqlMembershipProviderYAF" />
<add key="YAF.FileRoot" value="/forum"/>
<add key="YAF.AppRoot" value="~/forum" />
<add key="YAF.EnableURLRewriting" value="true" />
<!--<add key="YAF.BaseUrlMask" value="" />-->
<add key="YAF.BaseUrlMask" value="" />

We have implemented our db services in the web.config to point to our database, not using the db.config file. We have copied all the necessary web.config file lines over, except the <connectionString> info since we use our own. Somethings seem hard coded in its classes.

Is their something we are doing wrong for YAF modules to pick up? Is this even possible with YAF, to use our own custom connection strings and ASP.Net membership logins?

This looks to be a great product with lots of bells and whistles. I just hope it can be used like we want. We use Telerik as well for our controls, as I see your "Rad..." references, nice work :-d

Thanks in advance for the help!
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We got it figured out. It was the config paths, which is typically this kind of error. Everything is working in our environment for the ASP.Net website. Our task now is to manage multiple different connections strings and memberships integrated into the forum. Our custom membership provider class handles all this depending on a passcode sent in. It will look for the ASP member credentials off the correct database. Now we need to copy the credentials over to the forum membership and use the email as the userid. We need to get all of the members in multiple databases into the forum, so they get logged in and see what they are supposed to correctly.

Going to be fun!

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