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7 years ago
Hi There,

Here is some information of my current installation:
I am running YAF.NET 2.2.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2, targeting the .NET Framework 4.5.1.
It is backed by a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database.
The forum software is running under the main site in IIS, but in its own application.

I have a current installation with two boards.
I have set the YAF.MultiBoardFolders value="true" and YAF.BoardRoot value="Boards/"
I use .aspx pages to set the designated board, by :

In Board 1, attachments can be added, and show up as links in the forums posts.
I am trying this with my Admin user, so they have upload rights.

In Board 2, attachments seem to add, but there is no link in the body of the post

In the app.config, the BoardID was set to 1, and all the files were being uploaded to \Boards\1\Uploads

I thought this might be the issue, with board 2, as all of its files were going to the Board 1 upload folder.
To see, I changed the BoardID to 2, in the app.config, and all files were getting uploaded to the Board 2 upload folder.

Unfortunately, attachments do not show up in the posts of BoardID 2, all you see is in the body of the post.
But they do get added to the upload folder.
Board 1 still works, even with files being uploaded to the upload folder of Board 2.

So two issues:
1) files are not uploaded to their respective board upload folders.
2) files uploaded in Board 2 do not show up as links.

Were there more settings, in the app.config, that need to be set, or is this an issue with resolving the code in the post?


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