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I'm using DNN 4.8.4 and as host i uploaded YAF and everything went well. I edited web.config file, copied ddnyafnet.config to the root and changed the connstr setting as stated in install, but I get the following error referenced to line 22.

Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately.

Parser Error Message: Unrecognized configuration section yafnet.

Source Error:

Line 20:     </sectionGroup>
Line 21:   </configSections>
Line 22:   <yafnet configSource="dnnyafnet.config"/>
Line 23:    <connectionStrings>
Line 24:     <!-- Connection String for SQL Server 2005 Express -->

How to fix this?
It sounds like there is an error in dnnyafnet.config.
Boskone - A DotNetNuke user.

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