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13 years ago
Hey all

I'm currently in a sort of 'soft launch' for a new website....

Have you ever been sitting at work, or home, in the afternoon and asked yourself "What should I have for dinner tonight?"?

Well, this site will tell you!


I'm using the Forum as a recipe archive and for discussion about the recipes (and other stuff of course), you can find it directly by going here:


As I say, it's a soft launch, so any feedback is really appreciated! AND if think this site might be useful for you and want to post something in the forum PLEASE DO! It'll help me get the ball rolling :)



  • DJGray
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13 years ago
What a great idea. I'm adding this to my favorites.

Years ago, a friend gave me "The Man Without a Mate Cookbook." Years later, I still have it, even though I'm married with five kids, only one of whom is still in the home. It is one of my favorite books!

Good luck with this forum.

13 years ago
I very good idea indeed.

A solid deployment.

I don't know why your opening the forum in a new page, or why it comes up with a fixed width. I'd change that.

But it looks very good and all matches!!

Great job!


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13 years ago
Hey Dariuss, I've sent you PM. I suggest you read it quickly.

Anyway, good idea indeed. From your homepage though, it's not obvious there is also forum behind. Maybe change "Archive" to forum or just add "Forum" button too.

When I post FP:Ederon in a topic, I'm leaving my footprint there so I can track it once I get into coding/supporting.