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I was wondering if someone could direct me to the correct page to modify the code so that YAF uses my database for user names and passwords so that when someone goes to my YAF forum via my site they do not have to log into my site then log into my YAF forum, would like one login.
What you want to do is an integrated installation. Attached is a text file that should get you there. However there is an issue with automated account creation. When you create a user account in your application the users will NOT initially be included in a group within YAF. You will have to manually add the user to a default role within YAF.

The guys are working on a solution for this issue.


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YAF in sub-directory.txt (8kb) downloaded 147 time(s).
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It seems if I am reading that txt correctly that, they want me to simply modify the web.config to get my desired outcome. I was thinking a little more chop shop to correct the issue you stated above and mine by adding code to add the user name and pass from my registration page to update YAF database, there for adding the user via YAF when registered for my site, then on login taking YAF code out and replacing it with username and pass from database. It sorta kills two birds with one stone. I can do it I was just hoping for direction before I chopped it up.
You have now entered a realm where I dare not go. Fare well brave warrior. Perhaps someone else (Mek maybe) can suggest a role. Look at my thread on Members versus Registered. He has some ideas there.

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Yeah I was just reading over all those post on integration for the second time as well as a few others. Dunno I think there a lot easier ways but it seems that the over all outcome would be far greater with a little more coding. I might get started tomorrow, I will have to see how I feel about it after a good night of sleep
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Hi all

i am new to forum my concept is to integrate yaf to blogengine how can we proceed with that
once a user logins through blogengine it should also logged into yaf

pls any body help me with above

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