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Hi there,

I am just starting to play with YAF. I want to set up a number of Forum items but want make them inaccessible (invisible) to particular users.

I am having trouble figuring out if I can do this. I only want members to have access to my board (no guests), but want particular members to have selected access to forums on the board.

Can someone advise if I can achieve this and if so, how (via user setup or roles)?

Sorry if I am being stupid.

Thank you.

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You can set it in Forum -> Edit, by setting an access masks for a group. If you set No access mask for a group and Hide if no access, users in the group will not see the forum at all.
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Great. Makes sense now. I haven't done much administration on Forums before.
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I'm trying to move from Snitz to YAF but some of administration of YAF is much more complicated and hard than snitz.

One thing, I have Private Foruns in Snitz. I give moderator access to a user just to that forum and then he can make that forum Hidden and give access to some users. It can even setup a password to access that forum. Very easy to do and the Admin doesn't have to do anything else.

YAF doesn't have this feature, but to replicate something similar the admin would have to setup a Mask specific to that forum and give access to the users. If there is they want another user with access they would have to ask to an admin. Is the right or there is a easier way that the Admin just has to setup one time and then they could have control of that specific forum?

The moderator features of YAF are a little complicated to setup if you have a big board with specific moderator for specific forums.

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It does; see the Snitz thread where I posted it.

Password for forums though I really don't believe in.


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You can set it in Forum -> Edit, by setting an access masks for a group.