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Apologies up front if this is already on-site somewhere. Multiple searches have turned up nothing.

I know next to nothing about DotNetNuke. Just installed my first DNN site last week. It's a little restrictive, but an impressive framework which will be great for my non-techie administrator.

My question is regarding YAF integration with DNN. The included forum module is rather lacking by comparison. Am I correct that I need to install YAF 1.9.3 as a stand alone install and then "add" the DNN modifications/module which will cause the stand alone install to be integrated into the DNN site?

Also, in the DNN instructions.txt, it refers to the "PA" in a couple of places. What is the PA?

You do not need to install YAF as stand alone. The module includes all of the YAF files which are identical to a stand alone.

PA stands for Private Assembly. Older versions of DNN used to call modules (which are now called extensions) this.

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